Multimedia Storyteller with specialty in long-form video and social short video.

Co-wrote, co-produced and narrated a half-hour documentary film “Reviving Nepal Bhasa” focusing on endangered culture and language of the community of Newars, indigenous to central Nepal ( Click for Trailer ). The film was an official selection at the Hoboken International Film Festival 2015 and was nominated for the best docu short at Queens World Film Festival in 2016.

Producer of Live Radio Shows. Most recently ” Let Me Tell You Where I am Really From” in Boulder, Colorado as a response to the question that frequently shows up for BIPOC communities in dominantly white neighborhood “Where are you really from?”

Currently works as a Video Strategist at a US-based non-profit, Everytown for Gun Safety, that focus in gun violence prevention in America.

Twitter: @bimina
Instagram: @beemucha
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