Video Stories

Video Stories

Indigenous water protectors and allies are fighting to protect their land

What does the Celebration of Black History Month mean to you?


There are 480,000 school buses across the country, 95% of them run on high-polluting diesel fuel. And about 25 million kids ride the bus to school and back each day. We need to stop using fossil fuels for all of our transportation. Let’s start by getting rid of school buses that run on diesel fuel!


The gas industry has been lying to us for many many years, Natural gas is not so natural, learn more from Dr. Neelu the impacts of gas stoves in your home


A closer look at Global Climate Strike in September 2019

Busting the myth: windmills are bad for environment


In response to the question: How to revive a language and culture like Nepal Bhasa, we present to you our first of many mini-series on Newar culture featuring Kabina Singh and her son Samrat “How to do a Newah Birthday.”


A short film about dreams and struggles of Hasan, a young boy and his family, who recently immigrated to New York from Bangladesh and are adapting to the harsh reality of Islamophobia in the United States.


A short video-story on drug related problems in Washington Heights, where non-profit organizations like the CORNER Project dedicate to educate and train Harm Reduction techniques and Safe Use. They work with people with lived experience like Marcus, to reach out to the community of drug users who choose to live in the corners of the neighborhood.


Temporary protected Status (TPS) was issued for Nepali immigrants living in the United States for the massive earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015. Many Nepali international students have suffered the social and economical consequences after the trauma back home, but through TPS students like Bimal Roka has found some stability and support to continue their education in the United States.


New York Newa Guthi established in 2007, started “Mha puja” festivities for the Newars living in New York area. Their main objective is to preserve the Newari culture and tradition and pass it on to new generation. Newars are indigenous people of Kathmandu, Nepal.