Video work

Featured in CUNY TV’s Asian American Life September 2015.



Nepal Bhasa, is the language of Newars or the indigenous people of Nepal. Reviving Nepal Bhasa, a 30-min documentary, examines both the language and culture of the Newar people and its struggle to survive in our modern times. Bimina is a Narrator and Associate Producer/Director of this Documentary.



New York Newa Guthi established in 2007, started “Mha puja” festivities for the Newars living in New York area. Their main objective is to preserve the Newari culture and tradition and pass it on to new generation. Newars are indigenous people of Kathmandu, Nepal.


The Educational Journey (TEJ) Initiative is a program developed by Dr. Anju Ranjit for girls attending secondary school in rural villages in Nepal to participate in mentored sessions to develop leadership skills, gain better understanding of their health and help these girls emerge as empowered women. In collaboration with Project for a Village, the pilot program was implemented for a year in Rupakot, Tahahun, Nepal.

Multimedia Journalist