Bimina is a multimedia journalist. She freelances for Voices of NY an online publication at CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, reporting original stories of south Asian communities in NY and translating Nepali/ Hindi articles to English.

Bimina is collaboratively working as an associate producer and director on a half hour documentary “Reviving Nepal Bhasa” focusing on dying culture and language of endangered community of Newars, indigenous to central Nepal ( Click for Trailer ). The documentary covers the history, reason and solutions on the topic of endangered culture covering Newar communities in Kathmandu, Nepal and around the world. She has also done Narration in the Documentary “Reviving Nepal Bhasa.”

She has worked as a production associate at CUNY Television, CUNY TV. She assisted the monthly magazine style show “Asian American Life” from Sep-Dec 2013.In Summer 2013 worked for NDTV 24×7 (New Delhi Television) in New Delhi, India with documentary production team, shows like “India Matters” and “Truth Vs. Hype.”

Growing up Bimina had worked as a RJ in a South Asian radio show in Dallas,TX called “Radio Sallam Nameste (104.5 FM).” She stepped a foot in world of media very early at the age of 17 as a Model in her home country Nepal.

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